Frangipani Cuttings to Make Your Little Garden Looks Pleasing and Fresh

Frangipanis produce intoxicating smell and they are of different colors based on the type of Frangipani plants you grow. Frangipani is found all around the world. Though these plants and flowers have delicate beauty, it is very easy to grow them at home in your garden or balcony. To say these plants are the right choice for those who do not find enough time to care them daily. However, a Frangipani cutting is essential for successful growing of the plants.

Some important facts about Frangipanis:

These are very small plant like trees growing only up to 5m height. However they can also be grown in pots for your balcony and terrace garden. These flowers appear at the end of branches in clusters and scented distinctively. Some of the commonly found varieties include Plumeria, Plumeria Obtusa, Plumaria Rubra and Plumeria Acutifolia. The highlighting fact about these frangipanis is that, these plants will not burn except the temperature is to the extreme of over 500 degrees therefore they can survive in drought and heat though continues to fill the garden with wonderful fragrance and beauty.

Propagating frangipanis ensures healthy growing of the plants and flowers. This can be done from seeds and from cuttings. But the easiest and less effort solution is frangipani cuttings. However certain things to be considered for cuttings like:

  • What will be the best size to cut and its most likely survival
  • How should be the cut, either straight or an angle
  • Should cutting be seriously treated or just require simple care
  • When should the cutting be probably done for planting frangipani in a pot

Frangipanis can efficiently grow from their cuttings. This is of course a guess work and it can be done during any time of the year. It is very easy to manage them during winter especially. The cutting of Frangipanis involves two types of cutting. First, “Hard Wood Cutting” and the second is the “Semi-ripe Wood Cutting”.

Hardwood cutting is usually done during winter season whereas semi-ripe wood cutting is done during the summer or spring when the plants bloom. Fancy Frangipanis offers wonderful frangipani cuttings to ensure well growing of your plants and scenting flowers.

Some of the cutting services offered by Fancy Frangipanis are Bali Whirl cutting, Cleveland Red cutting, Brilliant White cutting, Gold cutting, Rainworth Pink cutting, Little beauty cutting, Tangerine cutting and much more. Acquiring a professional service for frangipanis, we can help you grow these plants efficiently in all seasons with less maintenance. This also ensures a long lasting healthy living of the plants and flowers with ever increasing beauty of your garden and home. For more information Click Here